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2024 Strategic Roadmap for the EPMO

Published 11 January 2024 - ID G00800750 - 17 min read
By Analyst(s): Kevin Rose, Woojin Choi

EPMOs must evolve to meet enterprises’ changing needs. Strategic portfolio leaders can use this research, including the roadmap overview contained within this document, to repurpose and evolve an existing EPMO or establish a new one.


  • Enterprises aren’t receiving the expected benefits from their digital investments. To achieve this, organizations must adopt strategic portfolio management (SPM) capabilities and a dedicated group to manage this.
  • Enterprise portfolio or program management offices (EPMOs) that do not have a clear identity and purpose are often relegated to an operational role with a narrow focus on execution, or even disbanded.
  • A lack of cross-functional partnerships, especially with senior business leaders, limits the EPMO’s scope of influence.

Key Findings
Strategic portfolio leaders responsible for an EPMO should:

  • Maximize returns from digital investments by driving strategy-to-execution alignment and orchestrating enterprisewide execution through an EPMO.
  • Provide value at the most strategic levels by adopting an EPMO mandate focused on achieving enterprise-level objectives.
  • Enhance situational awareness of business needs and provide relevant EPMO capabilities by establishing partnerships with key leaders across the business.

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